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Eustace on Trump Administration Environmental Policy Changes, Affect on Climate Change

(TRENTON) – Assembly Environment Committee Chair Tim Eustace (D-Bergen, Passaic) issued the following statement on the dismantling of significant climate change polices by the Trump administration:

“A sweeping directive informing EPA agencies to ignore, rewrite or deny environmental policies that have helped to deter global warming affects is irresponsible and obnoxious governing.

“This administration’s willful ignorance of the reality of climate change jeopardizes the environmental future for all of us and for generations to come.

“Having the ear of the President Obama and the backing of the federal government made it easier to raise awareness of the existence of climate change and compel individuals to adhere to environmental protections. Trump’s executive order is an attempt to destroy a decade of hard work by environmental advocates and organization, which helped to protect environmental resources and ward against global warming effects.

“We can only hope that corporations and businesses will continue to seek ways to help reduce our carbon footprint without the prompting or guidance of the federal government under this administration.”