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Eustace Praises Obama Administration for Following NJ’s Lead in Calling for an End to “Conversion Therapy”

Assemblyman Tim Eustace (D-Bergen/Passaic) praised the Obama administration on Thursday for calling for an end to the controversial and dangerous practice known as “conversion therapy,” which was banned in New Jersey in 2013 under a law Eustace sponsored.

“New Jersey took a stand against this harrowing form of ‘child abuse’ two years ago. Since our ban was enacted, I’ve been encouraged by calls we’ve received from legislators from other states, like Texas, Rhode Island and Hawaii, looking to follow our lead.

“Sadly, we’ve continued to see the tragic effects of this practice play out many times across the country.

“No child should be forced to change their innate self against their own wishes. The consequences, as we’ve seen, can be devastating and even tragic.

“I’m proud of the administration for standing up and saying ‘enough is enough.’

“Just as Gov. Christie stood with the New Jersey legislature in banning this practice, I hope members of Congress and state leaders nationwide will stand with the President in doing the same.”