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Fifth District Legislators Hail President’s Visit

(CAMDEN) – Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez and Assemblymen Angel Fuentes and Gilbert “Whip” Wilson (D-Camden/Gloucester) have hailed President Barack Obama’s Monday visit to Camden as a sign of the positive changes taking place across the city, pointing to a unified effort and significant public safety measures as keys to the city’s recent success.

“America is sitting up and paying attention to the many positive changes taking place in Camden,” said Senator Cruz-Perez. “I have had conversations with my counterparts around the country that are focused on the things we’re doing right, at every level of government. We are working together with a unified vision for a brighter future for our residents. President Obama’s visit highlights how far Camden has come as a national model for progress.”

“Camden City has all too often been in the national spotlight for negative stories, but that narrative has turned around significantly in the last several years,” Assemblyman Fuentes added. “Our government and community leaders have worked together to make the tough decisions and develop outside the box innovation to achieve the results we are seeing every day.”

“I am especially proud of the impact the Camden County Metro Police have had, making our streets safer and strengthening the relationship between our residents and our public safety officials,” said Assemblyman Wilson, a retired 26-year member of the Camden City Police Department . “The facts and figures will tell you crime is down, but the most important measure is the improved quality of life that is being felt across the city.”