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Giblin, Armato & Benson Bill Requiring Pharmacies to Provide Information on Insulin Assistance Programs Passes Assembly

In an effort to help more patients with diabetes afford the insulin they need to manage their disease, Assembly Democrats Thomas Giblin, John Armato and Daniel Benson sponsor a bill requiring pharmacies to provide information about insulin assistance programs.

One in four patients with diabetes are unable to afford their insulin and can experience poor glycemic control as a result – leading to more medical complications. However, a number of pharmaceutical companies that manufacture insulin provide assistance to eligible patients who are unable to afford their diabetes medication.

Under the bill (A-4558), pharmacies in New Jersey would be required to display a notice concerning insulin manufacturer assistance programs wherever the insulin is sold. Pharmacies would also be required to provide a pamphlet about these programs to any individual who requests a pamphlet or purchases insulin from them.

Upon the measure unanimously passing the full Assembly Thursday, Assemblymen Giblin (D-Essex, Passaic), Armato (D-Atlantic) and Benson (D-Mercer, Middlesex) issued the following joint statement:

“Diabetes can cause very real harm if left untreated. Raising awareness about programs that can help New Jersey residents pay for their insulin may quite literally be a matter of life and death.

“No one should have to worry about how they will afford the medicine that keeps them healthy and functional every day. Sharing information about insulin manufacturer assistance programs at the point of purchase will ensure more New Jerseyans with diabetes understand what their options are and can get the help they need.”

The bill now heads to the Senate.