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Assembly Members Greenstein & DeAngelo Stunned that Gov. Christie in Unaffected by 35,000 Middle-Class New Jerseyans Who Attend Saturday’s State House Rally

(TRENTON) — Assembly members Linda R. Greenstein and Wayne P. DeAngelo today issued the following statement upon reading press reports of comments made today by Governor Chris Christie who said that Saturday’s massive rally to protect budget cuts “had absolutely no effect on me.”

“What will it take for Governor Christie to listen to the middle-class working families of New Jersey? How are the voices of 35,000 people outside his office window not enough to make the Governor stop and think just for a moment that he is hurting families with his choices?,” said DeAngelo (D-Hamilton). “It is just shocking to hear his statement that the concerns and fears of thousands of working-class people haven’t had the slightest effect on him. I urge the Governor to open his ears, heart and mind to these families who are impacted the most by his budget cuts.”

On Saturday, an estimated 35,000 New Jerseyans rallied just outside of Governor Christie’s State House office to oppose steep budget cuts including public education funding. Greenstein and DeAngelo themselves attended the rally to listen to the concerns raised by so many in attendance. The rally is believed to be the largest in state history.

“Governor Christie seems to be increasingly tone deaf to the voices of working men and women who will bear the burden of his budget cuts. Within days of instantaneously vetoing legislation that would ask millionaire’s to share in the sacrifice to cover costs for needed senior citizen programs, the Governor is refusing to move an inch on cuts affecting so many middle-class families,” said Greenstein (D-Plainsboro). “Governor Christie seems to have hit the mute button instead of listening to 35,000 people. It’s time for him to turn up the volume and really listen to how these budget cuts are hurting working families.”

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