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(TRENTON) — Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Jerry Green (D-Union) issued the following statement Tuesday on his refusal to support the tax-laden budget put forth by Gov. Chris Christie and the Republicans:

“On March 16, Gov. Christie promised us a budget that would be free of ‘one-time gimmicks,’ that would ‘contain shared sacrifice’ and would not increase ‘the tax burden we place on our people.’

“A little more than three months later, the budget before us easily and repeatedly breaks every one of those promises.

“This is a budget that all but declares class warfare in our state in the name of revenues equaling expenditures.

“Gov. Christie and Republicans haven’t just tried to balance this budget on the backs of those who can least afford it — New Jersey’s working class and working poor families — they’ve tried to bury them under it.

“If this is Gov. Christie’s idea of ‘bold action’ that ‘will lay the groundwork for a better tomorrow,’ then I want nothing to do with it.”

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