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Green Urges Christie to Step Up & Lead for Sake of A.C.

Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Jerry Green (D-Middlesex/Somerset/Union) issued the following statement Friday regarding Atlantic City:

“No matter how many charts and graphs the Governor puts out, facts are facts. Looking back on the history of takeovers in New Jersey, it’s reasonable to be concerned that infringing upon the rights of working people in Atlantic City ultimately would do more harm than good.

“The better option would be for Gov. Christie to exercise the authority he already has to fix this problem. Why he hasn’t done so is a mystery to everybody.

“The disrespect for Speaker Prieto is beneath the office of the Governor. The Speaker has made it clear that he wants to engage in a conversation that produces a workable compromise, and he’s been shut down by the Governor at every turn.

“Even U.S. Government 101 students know that there are two independent houses of the legislature. It’s time for the Governor to step up, acknowledge that basic fact and work with Speaker Prieto to save Atlantic City. There’s no excuse for this lack of leadership in the midst of a serious crisis.”