(14th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) — Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein (D-Middlesex/Mercer) released the following statement Wednesday as the administration began mailing Senior Freeze checks that will not include refunds for this year’s increase in property taxes.

Greenstein was the sponsor of 2008 legislation that increased eligibility for the Senior Freeze program. She also sponsored a bill this year that was vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie that would have restored property tax relief for senior and disabled residents:

“These checks going in the mail are the first in a long string of bad news on its way to New Jersey thanks to Gov. Christie’s budget that favors the rich over the needs of New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents.

“Senior and disabled residents who were promised property tax relief are now going to struggle to find ways to keep their homes as the rich enjoy their Christie tax cut. That’s not a value New Jersey has ever stood for and it’s unfortunate we’re now heading down this road.”