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Greenwald: A To-do List for Christie’s Tampa Try-Out Tour

(TRENTON) — Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) released the following statement Monday:

“As Gov. Christie continues his Tampa Try-Out Tour today, here are some things for him to touch upon:

  • Property taxes that are now a net $7,519, compared to $6,244 in 2009, a 20 percent increase since Christie took office;
  • New Jersey’s 9.2 percent unemployment rate, with another 1,000 jobs recently lost
  • New Jersey’s economic output ranking 47th among the states;
  • New Jersey’s 2.1 percent drop in average weekly wages
  • How middle-class and senior New Jerseyans continue to wait for tax relief from a governor who has rejected 12 tax relief bills, including recent measures to triple property tax credit funding and provide income tax help to the working poor.

“New Jerseyans are suffering under Gov. Christie’s policies, yet he seems more interested in auditioning for another job. The governor’s attention needs to be on middle-class tax relief and fixing the policies that have hurt New Jersey’s middle-class, not on his personal ambitions.

“While Christie brags about his 5 million YouTube hits, millions in New Jersey are still waiting for him to produce results. While Christie rants and raves for new tax breaks for the ultra-rich, New Jersey’s middle class is waiting for him to cut their property taxes.”