(VOORHEES) — Following the release of the report of Governor Christie’s Transition subcommittee on the Departments of Human Services and Children and Families, Assembly Budget Chairman Louis D. Greenwald (D-Camden) said the administration appears to be on the right track to improving the quality of life for residents of New Jersey’s seven state-run developmental centers.

Greenwald released the following statement:

“I applaud Governor Christie and his transition team for recognizing the need to reform the state’s policy toward people with developmental disabilities. This is a great first step on the road to improving the quality of life for New Jerseyans with developmental disabilities.

“By closing two of the state’s developmental centers, we will be able to transition these individuals with developmental disabilities into the community instead of warehousing them in state-run institutions.

“Closing these centers will also generate substantial savings that can be used to reduce the Community Services Waiting List, which is currently an endless purgatory of waiting for families in desperate need of community-based care options.

“Ultimately though, our policy must be made first and foremost around giving people with developmental disabilities and their families choices, not just about savings. By expanding choices, we will improve the quality of life for our state’s most vulnerable citizens.”

“I have introduced legislation to refocus state reDests toward community-based care options with no additional upfront cost to the state budget. I look forward to working with Governor Christie to make New Jersey a better place to live for people with developmental disabilities and their families.”

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