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Greenwald: ARC Controversy Just the Latest Example of Christie Shortchanging NJ Families

Today Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) released the following statement regarding Chris Christie’s continuing record of shortchanging New Jersey out of its share of federal funds:

“In light of recent reports showing he wildly exaggerated projected costs, Governor Christie’s misguided cancellation of the ARC Tunnel is just the latest example of his shortchanging New Jersey out of our fair share of federal funding. I commend our Congressional delegation for fighting for these funds.

“Whether it’s the ARC Tunnel, a botched Race to the Top application, matching funds for women’s health care, Governor Christie has let billions of federal dollars slip through his fingers. With New Jersey getting one of the lowest rates of return for each dollar our residents pay in federal taxes, taking advantage of federal funding seems like a no-brainer–unless your constituency is Tea Party Republicans, rather than New Jersey’s middle-class families.

“I urge Governor Christie to stop standing in the way of federal aid to New Jersey families. With a struggling economy, crumbling infrastructure and New Jersey’s unemployment rate higher than the national average and our neighboring states, we should be fighting for our fair share in federal funds–not turning them away.”

The Costs of Christie
Cancelling the ARC Tunnel $3 Billion Lost federal funds
+ $9 Billion Lost business activity during construction
+ $120 Million/year Lost business activity over the long term
Botched Race to the Top Application $400 Million Lost federal funds
+ 1 Education Commissioner
Women’s Health Funding An estimated $10 million per year in federal reimbursement lost due to Christie refusal to expand Medicaid coverage for family planning.
Average Net Property Tax Increase in New Jersey during Christie Administration $1,275.00 — a 20.4% Hike
Average Propposed Christie Income Tax Handout for Millionaires $7,265.75 — enough to take an exotic vacation
Proposed Christie Tax Cut for Middle-Class Families $275.00 — barely enough for a week of groceries for a middle-class family
Having a Governor More Interested in Campaigning for Fox News, Wall Street & South Carolina Republicans than in Helping New Jersey’s Middle-Class?