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Greenwald Challenges Christie to Debate Tax Plans

Wants Gov to Live Up to His Own Offer to Debate Assembly Dem Plan for Middle-Class Property Tax Relief vs. Christie’s Income Tax Cut to Mostly Benefit Wealthy

(TRENTON) – Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald on Monday challenged Gov. Chris Christie to live up to his own vow and debate the Assembly Democratic plan for middle-class and senior citizen property tax relief against Christie’s plan for an income tax cut that would mostly benefit the wealthy.
Assembly Democrats have proposed a 20 percent property tax relief credit for the middle-class worth on average about $1,600 and a 25 percent property tax relief credit for senior and disabled citizens worth on average about $2,000.
Christie has proposed an income tax that would mostly benefit wealthy New Jerseyans.
Last week, when opposing the plan for middle-class and senior property tax relief, Christie said he would “be happy to have that debate and discussion any time they want,” so Greenwald on Monday had a letter delivered to the governor inviting him to a debate on NJTV’s “On the Record” program to be moderated by Michael Aron.
“I know you will agree that middle-class New Jerseyans deserve to hear about how our plans would affect them and their families,” wrote Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) to Christie. “By discussing our plans on ‘On the Record,’ we can move past slogans and 30-second sound bites – allowing New Jersey’s middle-class families to decide whether they would rather have our 20 percent property tax relief plan or your income tax proposal.”
Greenwald added, “I hope you will join me in this civil discussion about how best to provide relief to the middle-class. New Jersey’s middle-class and working families deserve nothing less. I eagerly await your reply.”