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Greenwald: Christie Chooses Republican Presidential Primary Voters Over Everyday New Jersey Residents

Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald issued the following statement Friday on Gov. Chris Christie’s FY 2016 budget vetoes:

“If there ever was any doubt that the governor has put Republican presidential primary voters before the everyday people of New Jersey, it’s now gone.

“While a long-overdue restoration of the Earned Income Tax Credit finally will help some of the most vulnerable New Jersey residents make ends meet, we cannot ignore the fact that this budget leaves much to be desired. For yet another fiscal year, the most privileged will continue to get away with paying less than their proper share, all because the governor lacks the political courage to prioritize tax fairness.

“Governor Christie could have acted to responsibly begin pulling the state out of a hole of debt that he has only dug deeper. He failed to do so.

“Make no mistake, the only places called Blairstown or Hamilton or Monroe or Trenton he cares about now are the ones in Iowa. And so there could be no mistake, he even underlined that sentiment in thick red ink.”