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Greenwald: Christie Must Denounce Billionaire Backer’s ‘Outrageous’ Nazi Reference

(TRENTON) – New Jersey Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) released the following statement Tuesday after Politico reported that Home Depot co-founder and top Gov. Chris Christie backer, billionaire Ken Langone, compared efforts to promote economic fairness to “what Hitler was saying in Germany” in 1933:

“Mr. Langone’s incredibly offensive and clueless remarks minimize the human tragedy of the Holocaust in an attempt to serve his own political agenda. Such remarks are outrageous and disgusting. I call on Gov. Christie to join me in unequivocally condemning these remarks, which have no place in responsible public discourse.
“It’s no secret that growing income inequality and an eroding middle-class are serious problems facing our country. These serious issues demand serious conversations toward solutions that promote social mobility and economic growth for all Americans.
“But while America has had fierce debates on how to solve these problems, there is no comparison to the systematic, government-run persecution and genocide perpetrated by Hitler and the Nazi regime. Such a comparison is beyond offensive. Gov. Christie should join me in condemning these remarks immediately.”