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(TRENTON) — Assembly Budget Chairman Lou Greenwald (D-Camden) released the following statement Tuesday after Gov. Chris Christie’s budget address:

“When Gov. Christie promised to fix New Jersey and said it was overtaxed, most New Jerseyans probably didn’t realize he would be increasing property taxes, cutting school funding, eliminating property tax rebate relief for 2010 and taxing hospitals.

“Promising not to raise taxes, then proposing a budget that will bring property tax increases and other new taxes, does nothing more than burden the middle-class and expose the poor already struggling to make ends meet.

“Failing to responsibly fund the pension system he has promised to fix does nothing but exacerbate its problems.

“The governor’s plan to cap property taxes will get a hard look, but it does nothing to help local governments and schools get off the need to rely on property taxes.

“For local governments, schools and the state, cutting spending is clearly in order, and the Assembly Budget Committee will once again lead that charge.

“But I also would like to see everyone — especially Gov. Christie — start focusing on finding ways to finally get off the horrible addiction to property taxes at the local level.”

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