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Greenwald: Christie Remarks the Latest Evidence of His Obsession with Tax Cuts for Mega-Rich

(TRENTON) – Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) issued the following statement Thursday to Gov. Christie asking AARP members to work against a property tax relief plan that would provide them with a 25 percent property tax relief credit:

“Gov. Christie just can’t quit his obsession with massive tax breaks to millionaires.
“Unfortunately for New Jersey’s senior citizens, no amount of slogans and sound bites can change the fact that the governor’s policies have been disastrous for seniors – leading to a 20 percent net increase in property taxes during his term.
“It’s no wonder 83 percent of AARP members on recent a tele-town-hall gave a ‘thumbs up’ to our Assembly plan to give seniors a 25 percent property tax relief credit.
“As if it wasn’t enough to slash property tax rebates after promising not to, Gov. Christie is now urging seniors to oppose our plan that would give them a 25 percent property relief credit. It’s a desperate strategy of distortion and distraction.
“The bottom line is clear: New Jersey’s seniors don’t need more slogans and tax cuts for millionaires. They need a 25 percent property tax relief credit.”