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Greenwald: Christie Stops by NJ to Remind Middle-Class of His Property Tax & Economic Failures

(TRENTON) – Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) released the following statement on Gov. Christie paying another visit to New Jersey on Thursday, this time stopping by Washington Township in Warren County:

“It was once again nice to see Gov. Christie stop by New Jersey, but unfortunately he’ll find nothing has changed since the last time he took a break from touring the nation on behalf of anti-women and anti-middle class Republicans.
“The middle-class, sadly, continues to suffer under Gov. Christie.
“Unemployment is still 9.8 percent. Women have still lost vital health care funding. Property taxes are still up a net 20 percent. New Jersey still ranks 47th in economic growth. The state budget is still facing a shortfall. New Jersey is still second in the nation in foreclosures. Gov. Christie’s veto of the Democratic plan to triple middle-class property tax relief credits still stands.
“With failures like that, it’s no wonder Gov. Christie spends so much time focused elsewhere.
“Gov. Christie likes to entertain himself by talking a good game, but his empty words cannot make up for his failures on behalf of New Jersey’s middle-class.”