Assemblyman Louis D. Greenwald had the following published on

“This stunning veto is another example of Gov. Christie’s clear lack of understanding in what it means to be a middle-class and lower-income New Jerseyan struggling just to make ends meet. This is a historic moment in New Jersey history. New Jersey is at a crossroads. By vetoing this legislation the governor has taken us on the wrong turn and sending us on a course of financial disaster and delaying any hope of economic recovery.

“Gov. Christie often notes how he’s a fan of Bruce Springsteen. When New Jerseyans question why Gov. Christie would veto bills such as this tax credit — or legislation to protect women’s health care, provide health insurance for working families or give property tax relief to senior citizens — they can find an answer in one very particular Springsteen lyric that simply says, “Well sir I guess there’s just a meanness in this world…”

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