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Assembly Budget Chair Lou Greenwald, a prime sponsor of the Garden State Film and Digital Media Jobs Act, today criticized the Christie administration for its hypocrisy when it comes to job creation in New Jersey.

“This is just another example of the Christie administration living in a fantasy land where facts and realities are ignored in favor of the Governor’s singular agenda. The NJIT report released today states in no uncertain terms that the film tax credit program is a ‘cost effective way for New Jersey to create and maintain jobs in the film industry.’ Yet two of the Governor’s departments are recommending eliminating the program.

“Where does the administration draw its logic from? Is it from the same well that suggested it would be a good idea to veto our job creation bills on a Friday and then reintroduce them on Tuesday as their own proposals?

“This is yet another short-sighted move to close a budget hole so that the Governor can boast to his conservative base about how much money he is cutting. Meanwhile, he’s ignoring the long-term revenue and jobs this program creates, as well as the needs of our out-of-work residents,” said Greenwald (D-Camden).