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Assembly Budget Chairman Lou Greenwald (D-Camden) had the following published Monday in The Star-Ledger:

“Much has changed since 1670. We don’t rely on candlelight, write with quills or ride horses for primary transportation. And, thankfully, powdered wigs are out of style. Yet our state has clung to one relic from the past — the property tax.

“New Jersey imposed its first property tax in 1670, taxing one penny per acre to fund government. Now, New Jerseyans struggle under the nation’s highest property taxes: $7,281 per homeowner. Gov. Chris Christie’s budget proposal exacerbates that struggle by eliminating $2.8 billion in property tax relief, and his plan does nothing to cure New Jersey’s addiction to property taxes. If we don’t cure this addiction, New Jersey will lose its middle class. But what if we could cut state taxes, slash property taxes while preserving valuable local services, educational programs and property values?…”

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