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Greenwald: Disturbing Video Footage of Man Firing AK-47 at Cops Shows Need for High-Capacity Magazine Ban

New Jersey Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) said Tuesday that disturbing video from a routine traffic stop in Ohio shows the critical need for banning high-capacity magazines in New Jersey. Greenwald has sponsored A-1329, which would reduce maximum magazine capacity in the state to 10 rounds, in line with President Clinton’s 1994 assault weapons ban.

“Reducing maximum magazine capacity to 10 rounds in New Jersey is a matter of plain common sense,” said Greenwald. “As we heard from the Newtown families who shared their heartbreaking stories–smaller magazines can save lives. We owe it to the families of Newtown and to New Jersey’s victims of gun violence to pass this potentially life-saving legislation.”

According to a report by the news blog Talking Points Memo, police in Middlefield, Ohio made a routine traffic stop on March 10th of a man who had run a stop sign. The man then emerged from the vehicle and opened fire on the police cruiser with an AK-47, firing 37 rounds in a matter of seconds. The two officers inside evidently sustained only minor injuries, ultimately exchanging fire with and killing their assailant.

A search of the man’s car revealed he possessed eight 40-round magazines, for a total of 320 additional rounds. The video footage, which is extremely disturbing, can be viewed here.

“High-capacity magazines pose deadly threats to our children, our communities and our law enforcement officers. The crime data show that magazine limits work in getting high-capacity magazines off the streets, and that’s why New Jersey needs to reduce maximum magazine capacity to 10 rounds,” said Greenwald.

The Assembly passed A-1329 in late February.