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(TRENTON) – Assembly Budget Chairman Lou Greenwald (D-Camden), the incoming Assembly Majority Leader, released the following statement Friday on a Quinnipiac University poll showing 64 percent support asking the wealthiest taxpayers to help with state budget woes:
“It’s becoming more and more clear that Gov. Christie simply doesn’t get it.
“As they did at the polls last week, New Jerseyans continue to reject the Governor’s priorities of standing with millionaires at the expense of middle class families and seniors.”
“The Governor’s trickle-down philosophy makes for standing ovations at Tea Party retreats and right-wing conferences, but it hasn’t revived New Jersey’s economy, just as the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy failed to help the nation avoid a recession.
“It’s time to focus on job creation and property tax relief for middle class families and seniors, not tax breaks for millionaires. New Jersey’s families expect us to roll up our sleeves and work together to ensure working class families and seniors get the property tax relief they’ve been denied by the governor.
“New Jerseyans, no matter their income, know the true problem in this state is the onerous property tax that discriminates against the middle-class, senior citizens and the poor. It’s time for the governor to join in our efforts to ensure relief for everyone, not just the wealthiest few.”