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Greenwald Notes Report that Finds 15-Round Magazines Used in at Least 7 Mass-Shootings Since 1991

(TRENTON)-According to a 2011 report by the Violence Policy Center, at least 7 mass-shootings since 1991 involved a shooter using 15-round magazines to murder and maim innocent people. These mass-shootings resulted in a total of 85 deaths and 94 wounded.

“Reducing magazine size to 10 rounds is plain common sense–in line with President Clinton’s 1994 assault weapons ban,” said New Jersey Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington), who has sponsored legislation to reduce New Jersey’s maximum magazine size to 10 rounds. “As we heard in heart-breaking fashion yesterday from the families of Newtown, the difference between 10 rounds and a larger magazine could be a child’s life. If we are able to save even one life by reducing magazine capacity to 10 rounds, we owe it to New Jersey’s victims of gun violence to try.”

Mass Shootings Using 15-Round Magazines

Mass Shooting Casualties Magazine Capacity
Northern Illinois University
Dekalb, Illinois
February 14, 2008 5 dead, 21 wounded 33 and 15 round magazines
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Virginia
April 16, 2007 32 dead, 17 wounded 15 and 10 round magazines
Honolulu, Hawaii
November 2, 1999 7 dead Three 15 round magazines
Wedgewood Baptist Church
Fort Worth, Texas
September 15, 1999 7 dead, 7 wounded Three 15 round magazines
Westside Middle School
Jonesboro, Arkansas
March, 1998 5 dead, 10 wounded 15 round magazines
Long Island Railroad
Long Island, New York
December 7, 1993 6 dead, 19 wounded Four 15 round magazines
Luby’s Cafeteria
Killeen, Texas
October 16, 1991 23 dead, 20 wounded 17 and 15 round magazines