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Greenwald on Unfrozen Budget Funding: ‘It’s on its way”

Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-Camden, Burlington) issued the following statement on the release of critical funding provided in the FY’20 budget by the Legislature:

“I am glad to see that organizations no longer have to wait for their funding and can continue to do their best work for the residents of New Jersey.

“Over $120 million for hospitals, arts and culture, roadway improvement projects and schools, including Cooper University Health Care’s Cancer Program which supports hundreds of patients and families throughout South Jersey, is finally on its way.

“It’s very unfortunate these vital programs were made to sit tight while their funding was held back. Subjecting funding for residents and the organizations that serve them to political ploys is never the right thing to do. Now that the funding has been released, they can move ahead.

“As a former chair of the Budget Committee and for those who currently serve on the panel, we know the budget process we rely on— as a measure by which to gauge anticipated revenues for the state— has proven to be tried and true for numerous fiscal years.

“I hope that this is now obvious to those who did not believe it before. The Legislature stood by the side of the people during this budget cycle and provided reliable fiscal projections.”