Greenwald Praises Select Committee’s Work to Uncover Abuse of Power that Crippled Fort Lee

Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald on Monday praised the New Jersey Legislative Select Committee on Investigation for the steady and thorough leadership employed to investigate the abuse of government power that threatened public safety and brought the town of Fort Lee to a standstill for nearly a week.

“I want to thank my fellow committee members and our counsel for their dedication and professionalism to date.

“The snapshot released today of the events that have transpired reveals an almost baffling abuse of power that, had it not been for this committee and the Assembly Transportation Committee, would have likely gone unchecked, leading to untold other transgressions.

“Throughout this process, Democrats and Republicans, alike, have agreed that an abuse of power took place. And despite the disagreements raised today, we have not heard one factual discrepancy or dispute on the report itself.

“What we now have is a clear picture of the many questions that still remain unanswered. Ultimately, we still need to find out why the bridge was closed and who closed it. Taxpayers deserve these answers,” said Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington).