Greenwald: Public Health Requires Steady, Science-Based Leadership, Not Knee-Jerk Reactions

New Jersey Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) released the following statement Wednesday:

“Without a doubt, the Ebola virus presents a serious challenge to public health leaders in our country and across the globe. The seriousness of this virus demands an equally serious response from our leaders.

“What we need most in these critical moments are steady actions informed by scientific and medical standards, not knee-jerk reactions driven by fear. What we need most is true leadership, not hasty policy, nor sound bite sparring with health care workers.

“In the end, the best way to protect America from Ebola is to stamp out its spread in West Africa. Sensationalist reactions driven by fear only make that goal more difficult, discouraging doctors and health care workers from treating the virus at its source.

“I hope we will keep these critical ideas in mind as we continue to take steps to protect the public health in New Jersey.”