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Greenwald Statement on George Washington Bridge Scandal

New Jersey General Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) released the following statement Thursday:

“The actions of top Christie administration officials represent politics at its absolute worst. It destroys people’s confidence in its elected leaders.

“I acknowledge the Governor for taking responsibility for the unacceptable actions of his staff and appointees and for taking the necessary steps today to remove them from their positions.

“I would hope Governor Christie shares the concerns of the people of New Jersey, who have a right to full disclosure and transparency at it concerns this reprehensible abuse of power. That is why I am hoping the Governor will join us in encouraging the full disclosure of any and all documents without redactions and in ensuring full cooperation with any and all investigations. In the interest of full accountability to the people of New Jersey, we should allow the evidence to take this investigation wherever it leads.

“Public service is a privilege, not a playground for political bullies. The people of New Jersey deserve public servants who will put the people first, not those who abuse their offices to settle scores or enforce political payback.

“Make no mistake, these outrageous actions are completely unacceptable to the people of New Jersey. There must be a thorough investigation, and there must be full accountability.

“We are left with many questions about this matter. The people of New Jersey deserve honest answers to these questions. In order to ensure full transparency and accountability to the people, the investigation into these actions must continue.”