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Greenwald Takes Oath of Office for Sixth Term as Assembly Majority Leader

Assemblyman Louis Greenwald took the oath of office today for his sixth consecutive term as Assembly Majority Leader. He has represented constituents in Camden and Burlington Counties for the past 26 years and will continue to serve his fellow New Jersey residents in the 220th legislative session.

The Assembly gathered in the Trenton War Memorial on Tuesday to welcome new members and recognize returning members during the biennial Reorganization. During the ceremony, Majority Leader Greenwald remarked on his legislative career and those who inspired and shaped his government service.

“Being a public servant is about reaching out to other people in times of need,” said Greenwald (D-Camden, Burlington). “When people need us most, the government steps up to serve. That’s why it’s called public service.”

He offered advice to his fellow colleagues based on his time in the Assembly, emphasizing the need to keep an open mind and govern based on life experiences.

“Don’t assume you know what you don’t know,” Greenwald said. “Be open to new ideas and be curious about what comes in front of you.”

In his remarks, Greenwald also looked to the future and the important work that must continue in the 220th session. He spoke about the importance of lowering property taxes to boost the state’s competitive edge and make New Jersey more affordable for the families who call it home.

“Property taxes are not a Democrat or Republican issue,” Greenwald stated. “In this next session, my hope is that we will be able to bring together solutions – with bipartisan leadership from both sides – to reform our system on behalf of all New Jerseyans.”

He concluded by letting every member of the Assembly know, regardless of their political party, that he is just a phone call away. He emphasized his belief that each legislator – regardless of their background – has the same desire to help their fellow residents.

“I can’t tell you how honored I am to be elected as Majority Leader of this house again,” Greenwald concluded. “I cherish the opportunity to serve and look forward to building new friendships and new relationships as I have in the past.”

Majority Leader Greenwald’s full remarks: