Greenwald: The Governor Chose to Protect the People Who Can Afford Two Homes

Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald issued the following statement on Gov. Christie’s line-item veto of various funding mechanisms designed to protect working and middle class families in New Jersey’s FY 2015 budget:

“The Governor’s mythical ‘comeback’ was debunked quite awhile ago and yet he has chosen to follow the same playbook each subsequent year, a playbook that is clearly not working.

“One of the reasons the ‘Jersey Comeback’ never materialized was because the governor’s notion of ‘shared sacrifice’ was merely rhetorical. The budget we sent him this year was a living, breathing embodiment of that principle.

“I think it speaks volumes that the Governor’s allies in the legislature voted against this budget because they were more concerned with protecting the people of this state who theoretically might flee since they don’t have to wait around to sell their home here because they can easily afford two.

“With his veto pen, the Governor sided with this group as well. It’s sad and highly unfortunate, but not surprising,” said Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington).