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Greenwald Urges Trump to Lift Gag Order on Federal Agencies, Enable Free Flow of Information

Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-Camden/Burlington) issued the following statement Wednesday on the Trump Administration’s policy to mute federal employees:

“The Trump Administration’s gag order on the Environmental Protection Agency and departments of Interior, Transportation, Agriculture, and Health and Human Services is not representative of an open and transparent government.

“Government cannot be run by feelings instead of facts and we need to look at the facts of this situation. Global warming is real. Every American deserves the protections of civil rights. Roughly 20 million people now have health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

“By imposing these draconian bans, this administration is limiting the open exchange of information and ideas between the American people and their government and creating a culture of fear within departments.

“An uninformed, uneducated citizenry is bad for democracy, its government, and its people. Nothing can be gained by shutting out knowledge. I urge the Trump administration to lift these bans on communication and allow the free flow of information once more, giving the American people transparency and information will strengthen our democracy and bring back faith in government,” said Greenwald.