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(TRENTON) – Assembly Budget Chairman Lou Greenwald (D-Camden) released the following statement on Thursday:

“I welcome Assembly Minority Leader DeCroce to our ongoing effort to fix Gov. Christie’s budget plan and its numerous attacks on the middle-class and working poor.

“I was very pleased this morning to see the Assembly Republican leader admit that Gov. Christie’s budget abandons the middle-class with its brutal cuts to towns, schools, college students and libraries.

“It’s about time that we put aside the sound bites and start dealing with facts, and I thank Assembly Minority Leader DeCroce for taking this courageous step to call the budget what it is – an abandonment of our middle-class.

“I look forward to working with him in the weeks ahead as we continue our effort to improve the budget plan, especially since we have so far seen the Republicans do nothing but kowtow to the governor’s proposal.

“No alternative has come from the Republicans, other than support for cutting property tax relief and hiking prescription drug costs for more than 600,000 senior and disabled citizens.

“The Democrats are the ones that provided a plan for permanent property tax relief, only to see it dismantled by Gov. Christie, so I particularly look forward to working with Republicans to restore the relief their party’s governor seeks to cut.”

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