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Gun Violence Prevention Bills Highlight Thursday Assembly Voting Session Agenda

(TRENTON) — More than 20 gun violence prevention bills will highlight Thursday’s Assembly voting session, with measures focused on reforming weapons and ammunition sales, improving mental health services, enhancing gun safety, combating illegal gun trafficking, finding ways to boost school security and preventing gang involvement up for Assembly approval.

The Jessica Lunsford Act is also up for consideration.

The Thursday, Feb. 21 session is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. and will be streamed live here.

The board list is available here. Highlights include:

Bill Number Sponsor Description
A-588 Aca Spencer, L. Grace/Coutinho, Albert/Diegnan, Patrick J./Quijano, Annette Prohibits possession of ammunition capable of penetrating body armor.
A-1116 Fuentes, Angel/Spencer, L. Grace Establishes 180 day prohibition on purchase of handgun for certain individuals who fail to report loss or theft of firearm.
A-1329 Aca Greenwald, Louis D./Quijano, Annette/Coutinho, Albert/Eustace, Timothy J./Johnson, Gordon M./Jasey, Mila M. Reduces maximum capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds.
A-1387 Aca Wilson, Gilbert L./Johnson, Gordon M. Permits municipalities to establish weapons free zones around schools and public facilities.
A-1683 Aca Johnson, Gordon M./Eustace, Timothy J. Criminalizes purchase or possession of firearms ammunition by persons convicted of certain crimes.
A-2027 AcaAa Munoz, Nancy F./Green, Jerry/Angelini, Mary Pat/McHose, Alison Littell Enacts the “Jessica Lunsford Act”: imposes mandatory term of imprisonment; provides for negotiated reduction of mandatory term under certain circumstances.**
A-2692 Aa Cryan, Joseph “Christopher’s Law;” provides court with option of ordering juveniles adjudicated delinquent to receive interactive instruction in preventing gang involvement and gang and youth violence.
A-3510 Johnson, Gordon M./Vainieri Huttle, Valerie Requires proof of firearms safety training as a condition for issuance of firearms purchaser ID cards and permits to purchase handguns.
A-3583/1613 AcsAa Wilson, Gilbert L. Creates task force to explore areas to improve school safety.
A-3645/3646/3666/3750 Acs Greenwald, Louis D./Eustace, Timothy J./Mosquera, Gabriela M. Requires ammunition sales and transfers be conducted as face-to-face transactions.
A-3659 Aa Barnes, Peter J./Johnson, Gordon M./Gusciora, Reed Revises definition of destructive device to include certain weapons of 50 caliber or greater.
A-3668 Jasey, Mila M./McKeon, John F./Cryan, Joseph/Johnson, Gordon M./Quijano, Annette Prohibits investment by State of pension and annuity funds in companies manufacturing, importing, and selling assault firearms for civilian use.
A-3687 Stender, Linda/Fuentes, Angel Disqualifies person named on federal Terrorist Watchlist from obtaining firearms identification card or permit to purchase handgun.
A-3717 Lampitt, Pamela R./Singleton, Troy/Eustace, Timothy J. Requires submission of certain mental health records to National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
A-3748 Aa O’Donnell, Jason/Mainor, Charles/McKeon, John F. Requires background check for private gun sales.
A-3754 Aca Cryan, Joseph/O’Donnell, Jason/Quijano, Annette/Mainor, Charles/McKeon, John F. Requires firearms seizure when mental health professional determines patient poses threat of harm to self or others.
A-3772 Eustace, Timothy J./Wagner, Connie/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie Requires that firearms purchaser identification cards display picture; mandates that firearms purchaser identification cards be renewed every five years.
A-3788 Rible, David P./Dancer, Ronald S. Codifies regulation exempting firearms records from State’s open public records law; abolishes common law right of access to these records.
A-3796 Aa Mainor, Charles Provides 90-day window for persons to dispose of certain unlawfully possessed firearms.
A-3797 Aca Mainor, Charles Requires law enforcement to report certain firearms information to interjurisdictional electronic databases including the National Integrated Ballistics Identification Network.
ACR-180 Acs Greenwald, Louis D./Oliver, Sheila Y./Gusciora, Reed/Fuentes, Angel/Stender, Linda Urges President and Congress of United States to enact legislation enforcing stricter firearms control measures.
AR-143 AcaAa Quijano, Annette/Cryan, Joseph/O’Donnell, Jason/Mainor, Charles/McKeon, John F./Bramnick, Jon M. Expresses support for Attorney General’s gun buyback program.
AR-144 Oliver, Sheila Y./Wagner, Connie Urges Governor Christie’s Administration not to apply for annual exemption from requirements of federal Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008.