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Gusciora Asks AG to Ensure the “TIDE” Remains in Trenton

Assemblyman Also Asks “How Many Camden Towns Signed up for Its County-wide Police Force?”

In the aftermath of the Capital City’s 32nd homicide, Assembly Deputy Majority Leader Reed Gusciora (D-Trenton), requested that the Acting Attorney General, John J. Hoffman, ensure that the state’s Targeted Integrated Deployment Effort (TIDE) initiative remain in place.

“The fact remains gun violence is only going to escalate once the State Police presence goes away,” said Gusciora. “As it is, we have just suffered our 32nd homicide of the year.”

TIDE is a state initiative that has brought State Police to integrate with Trenton Police Department on a temporary basis to stem the gun violence that has plagued the Capital City. The Trenton P.D. has been hampered with over 100 layoffs in recent years. TIDE has enabled the department to maintain its staffing levels and assists the city’s police department in combating crime, but only on a temporary basis.

“Barring TIDE remaining in place, I would hope the state consider installing a ‘Capital Police’ unit to patrol the parameter of all state offices,” continued Gusciora. “This would also substantially lessen the burden of Trenton’s over-stretched police force while creating a greater police presence in Trenton.”

Gusciora also questioned the Governor’s call for a county-wide police force. The Assemblyman questioned how many Camden towns signed up for the force.

“I also do not know why the Governor continues to talk about a county-wide police force in Camden when one does not exist,” said Gusciora. “Essentially, no one has signed up there, and it is silly to call for one in Mercer rather than dealing directly with the lack of staffing levels for the Capital City’s police department.”

Gusciora also repeated his call for the state to adequately compensate the city for its loss of tax revenue from the state.

“We need boots on the ground in Trenton and only the state is in a position to restore Capital City aid,” concluded Gusciora. “Until such aid is restored, Trenton will continue to combat crime without adequate policing levels. And for that, we need the state to recognize that the TIDE needs to continue to roll in.”

A copy of the letter that Gusciora sent to the Acting Attorney General can be viewed here.