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Gusciora Asks SDA: ‘What’s Next?’

Assemblyman cites closure of Trenton Central High School’s
Auditorium due to structural unsoundness

(TRENTON) -Deputy Majority Leader Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer/Hunterdon), citing the recently discovered structural unsoundness of the Trenton Central High School’s student auditorium, asked the state’s Schools Development Authority (SDA), to immediately consider replacement or refurbishment of the educational facility. Gusciora called the closure of the auditorium a “travesty” for students in the state’s capital district.
In a letter to SDA’s chief, Marc Larkins, Gusciora noted, “since the auditorium is closed for student use, there will be no student assemblies, no plays, no concerts for the immediate future.”
The Assemblyman also expressed disappointment that the SDA has only offered “pre-design services” and will “continue to identify” problems with the school. “The fact remains, the state has been obligated by the NJ courts to address school facilities in urban school districts,” continued Gusciora. “Unfortunately, SDA has only shown indifference.”
David Sciarra of Education Law Center and lawyer for urban students in the landmark Abbott v. Burke case, said, “The SDA has squandered another summer when it should have made the repairs that pose a threat to the health and safety of students and teachers in Trenton Central High School. Through SDA’s neglect, students must endure another year of deplorable conditions in an unfit learning environment.”
The Assemblyman said he also would like for Governor Christie to tour the high school himself. “I believe that after one ten minute walk-through by Governor Christie that high school will not remain open,” he concluded. “Our students in Trenton deserve better.”