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Gusciora: Christie’s Proposed EOF Spending Cut for College Students is Shortsighted, Lacks Compassion

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora on Thursday decried Gov. Christie’s proposed $2.57 million spending cut for the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) in the FY 2017 budget.

“This is complete shortsightedness on the part of the Governor. At a time when a great deal of effort is focused on the rising costs of a college education, we should not be making it even harder for New Jersey students to afford college.

“The EOF was created almost 50 years ago to ensure meaningful access to higher education for those who come from disadvantaged economic and educational backgrounds. Each year it provides thousands of students with an opportunity to prepare and compete for economic opportunities through higher education assistance.

“To scale back this funding now is not only extremely shortsighted, but it also displays a complete lack of compassion for those struggling to make a better life for themselves.

“I hope this issue will be thoroughly examined next week during the Assembly Budget Committee’s hearing on the proposed higher education spending plan. Over the next two months, I’m prepared to fight for students in Trenton, and throughout the state, who just want the opportunity to compete on a fair playing field,” said Gusciora (D-Mercer/Hunterdon).