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Measure Would Help Dealers Combat Sales Losses to NY, PA, Where Sunday Sales are Legal

Legislation sponsored by Assemblymen Reed Gusciora and Wayne P. DeAngelo allowing New Jersey motorcycle dealers to sell their products on Sunday in the state has been signed into law.

“Allowing motorcycle sales on Sunday in the state is a good move that will help put New Jersey dealers on the same footing as the competition in New York and Pennsylvania,” said Gusciora (D-Mercer).

Under the Gusciora/DeAngelo law (A-2990), any dealership licensed to sell motorcycles will have the option to make sales on Sunday. Sales of other motor vehicles will not be impacted by this legislation.

“This is just one more way we’re helping to level the playing field for New Jersey businesses,” said DeAngelo (D-Mercer). “We are committed to providing every opportunity for businesses in the state to prosper as we continue to recover from this economic recession.”

The legislators said that the changes incorporated under their law also will allow motorcycle dealers to capture more of the rental market, since most motorcycle rentals happen on the weekend and renters will now be able to return bikes on Sunday as opposed to having to wait until Monday morning.

Only motorcycle dealerships that sell new bikes will be eligible for Sunday sales. A provision in the law also protects counties with blue laws – prohibitions on certain types of Sunday commerce.