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Gusciora: Everybody Should ‘Advance to Go’ on Atlantic City Bailout

(TRENTON) — Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer) had the following published recently in Burlington County Times:

“The Parker Brother’s game, Monopoly, was created during our country’s Great Depression era. The board’s layout was inspired by the streets of Atlantic City where its creators spent many fond childhood vacations. New Jersey residents have a longstanding affinity for Atlantic City, and I do not believe any of us want it to return to the state of urban decay that preceded the casino boom. That is why so many are focused on several proposed bailouts of this seaside resort.

“But those who want us to get it right would be wise to ask these questions: Who is really going to benefit from this bailout? What will Atlantic City look like when we are done? I applaud Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto who wants to take a hard look at the plans before we ram something through the Legislature. I share his concern for everyday workers and residents of the city while millionaires stand to walk away largely whole…”

To read the rest of Assemblyman Gusicora’s op-ed, click here.