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Gusciora & Muoio Slam Horizon Deal Cutting Two Capital City Hospitals from “1st Tier” Coverage

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora & Assemblywoman Elizabeth Muoio (both D – Mercer/Hunterdon) criticized the new plan by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (BSBC), the state’s largest insurance company, to form an exclusive alliance with only 34 hospitals in the state. The Horizon BSBC plan effectively shuts out two capital city hospitals – St. Francis Medical Center and Capital Health Regional Medical Center.

“This is an outrageously one-sided move by an insurance company to pick hospital winners and losers. There was no forewarning or transparency in this agreement that will negatively affect the capital city’s largest non-governmental employer.

“Ultimately, the decision to leave our capital city and its residents without a Tier One provider jeopardizes Trenton’s access to quality healthcare at more affordable rates. Horizon’s actions threaten to create a gaping void in affordable coverage for those who most need it,” said Gusciora.

Assemblywoman Muoio noted that, “The long term impact of this unilateral decision could also have devastating effects on the future financial viability of those hospitals not included in the partnership, many of which serve our neediest, most vulnerable communities.

“We are in discussions with our local healthcare providers and are calling for urgent meetings with state officials to review and investigate this decision and the potentially drastic effect it will have on healthcare in Trenton. In the meantime, we are calling for a hold on this deal until there is a full airing of its effect on the capital and other Mercer-area hospitals.”