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Gusciora Praises Obama’s Courage & Leadership in Supporting Equality for All Americans

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer/Hunterdon) on Wednesday praised President Obama for displaying courage and leadership in endorsing marriage equality according to early press reports of an interview that is scheduled to air later today.

Gusciora has been one of the legislature’s leading advocates for marriage equality and was the prime sponsor of the historic “Marriage Equality & Religious Exemption Act” that passed the legislature earlier this year, only to be vetoed by Governor Christie.

“The President has exhibited a tremendous amount of courage and leadership, especially in the face of an election year and the growing, bitter, partisan divide engulfing Washington. This is a historic moment for our nation.

“The fact remains that there are countless gay couples in this state and in our country that own property, pay taxes and raise children, yet are sidelined by a lack of legal recognition of their marital bonds. For the President to acknowledge that these marital bonds must be provided on an equitable basis is a remarkable step.

“His temerity is to be applauded. If other political leaders in Washington would have the courage to follow suit, and set an example for our nation, we might begin to see a systematic decline in the bigotry, hatred and bullying leveled at countless Americans.

“I hope the Governor has the courage to evolve on this issue as well,” said Gusciora.