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(TRENTON) – Assemblyman Reed Gusciora introduced legislation yesterday declaring the proposed regulations for New Jersey medicinal marijuana, by the Department of Health and Senior Services, are inconsistent with the law’s intent.

“The name of the law includes the word: compassion,” said Gusciora (D-Mercer). “I do not believe that these regulations exemplify that word with what the DHSS has proposed. We are looking at regulations with fewer distribution centers, fewer ways for the patient to ingest the marijuana, and an ever longer wait time.”

The DHSS’s regulations stated that New Jersey would be host to only four alternative treatment centers, with two separate cultivations centers. The DHSS model directly conflicts with the legislation that was signed into law last year that clearly required six centers who were responsible for growing, harvesting, and distributing the drug. Additional concerns include the maximum THC level limited to 10% and the availability of only one form comprised of dry leaves.

“I believe that the patient should have the option in choosing a form of the drug that is most suitable for their own personal environment,” continued Gusciora. “The purpose of this legislation is to make this drug accessible in order to treat patients where traditional medicines have not worked. It is unconscionable to make these patients wait any longer.”

A companion measure has been similarly introduced in the Senate. The legislation will go through the Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Gaming Committee.

“New Jersey already has the strictest medical marijuana laws in the nation,” concluded Gusciora. “The Governor’s proposed regulations unfortunately make it an impossible standard to meet for the many ill patients needing relief.”