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Holley to Introduce Measure Renaming a Part of Route 27 "Jerry Green Memorial Highway"

Assemblyman Jamel C. Holley introduced Thursday legislation that would designate the portion of the State Highway Route 27 in Union County as “Jerry Green Memorial Highway” in honor of the life-long career in public service of the Assemblyman who represented Legislative District 22 for 16 years.
Speaker Pro Tempore Green was the longest serving Assemblyman of the current New Jersey General Assembly.

“Jerry dedicated every waking moment of his life to serving his community, Union County and the people of New Jersey,” said Holley (D-Union). “Caring and listening were two of Jerry’s most valued attributes as a public servant. He is an inspiration for any young man or woman growing up in humble means and endeavoring to make a difference with their lives. His experienced leadership combined with his no-nonsense personal style inspired many to pursue careers in public service.”

“He was a mentor, friend and inspiration to many, including myself.”

A pillar of the community in Union County, Assemblyman Green has served in numerous public offices and public service roles, including for the Union County Planning Board, the Union County Adolescent Substance Abuse Program, the Private Industry Council of Union County, the Union County Utilities Authority, the Union County Democratic Committee, the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders, and the New Jersey General Assembly. Assemblyman Green also represented the 17th legislative district for 10 years.

While in the General Assembly, Assemblyman Green served as Deputy Speaker Pro Tempore, Speaker Pro Tempore and Deputy Speaker. Over the course of his tenure in the General Assembly, he was a member of numerous legislative committees, including serving as Chairman of the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee.

“Naming the part of Route 27 that runs through Union County after him is a way to honor Jerry’s unwavering devotion to his hometown and his memory,” said Holley. “His legacy continues on in the legislature and the countless number of people he has helped along the way. Jerry is the reason many of us are committed to serving others.”

The bill was introduced on Thursday, May 24.