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Holley, Wimberly, Benson and Mukherji Bill to Require More Frequent Lead Paint Inspections; Establishes Lead Education Program Clears Assembly

Under current law, routine lead paint inspections are only required as part of their cyclical inspection in multifamily rental properties that are registered with DCA and were built prior to 1978. To protect families and ensure more properties are inspected regularly, legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Jamel Holley, Benjie Wimberly, Daniel Benson and Raj Mukherji to require lead-based paint inspections to be conducted on certain residential rental properties at tenant turnover and certain other times was approved by the full Assembly on Monday,70-3-1.

The measure (A-1372) would also appropriate $3.9 million from the general fund to the Department of Community Affairs for the purposes of the bill.

Sponsors of the bill issued the following statement:

“To fight lead poisoning in our communities, we must take a more proactive approach to ensure older homes are inspected more regularly. Oftentimes, lead is discovered to be in the home after someone has become sick and shows symptoms. It’s too late. Requiring lead inspections in all pre-1978 rental units at tenant turnover or every 3 years will help homeowners catch any problems that arise sooner than later. We can do more to protect New Jersey’s families and children from the effects of lead poisoning.”

Under the bill, municipalities would require municipalities to impose an additional fee of $20 per unit inspected by a certified lead evaluation contractor or permanent local agency for deposit into the “Lead Hazard Control Assistance Fund,” unless the dwelling has already been charged a $20 fee for deposit into the “Lead Hazard Control Assistance Fund” by DCA for lead hazard inspections conducted by the DCA.