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Houghtaling & Andrzejczak Bill Establishing Farm Liaison in Department in Agriculture to Encourage Farmers to Participate in Anti-Hunger Programs Clears Assembly Panel

(TRENTON) – Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Bob Andrzejczak issued the following statements Thursday on the advancement of their bill (A-4708) out of the Assembly Human Services Committee, which establishes a Farm Liaison in the Department of Agriculture to encourage farmers to participate in New Jersey’s agricultural programs:

Houghtaling (D-Monmouth): “The responsibilities of farmers are so vast that they often lack the time or resources to learn about every program offered by the Department of Agriculture, which include taxation programs, food donations, anti-hunger initiatives, as well as other programs. By creating a Farm Liaison who can assist and encourage farmers to enroll in these programs, we will expand access to food for hungry people across New Jersey, as well as ease some of the financial and physical burdens for our state’s farmers.”

Andrzejczak (D-Cape May/Atlantic/Cumberland): “We have some amazing programs in the Department of Agriculture which assist farmers and hungry New Jerseyans alike. Unfortunately, many of these programs are not utilized to their fullest extent because of the daily responsibilities of farmers, who are focused on their product and livelihood first and foremost. The Farm Liaison will ensure that our state’s farmers will be able to participate in these programs which will help provide food for New Jersey’s hungry residents, helping in our goal of ending hunger in New Jersey once and for all.”