Houghtaling & Downey Bill to Create Gross Income Tax Return Contribution Supporting Affordable Housing Alliance Advances

(TRENTON) – Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey ( Both D-Monmouth) to allow voluntary contributions on gross income tax returns to support Affordable Housing Alliance cleared the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee on Monday.

“With this bill, taxpayers can voluntarily help Affordable Housing Alliance continue to support residents in there time of need through a contribution on their gross income tax return,” said Houghtaling. “This designation is a good thing to do for the organizations who truly lend a hand in the community.”

The bill would establish the “Affordable Housing Alliance Fund” and provide for a designation on the state gross income tax return that would permit taxpayers to make voluntary contributions to the fund for distribution to Affordable Housing Alliance, Inc. for the purpose of providing assistance to those needing housing and related assistance in New Jersey.

“The opportunity for taxpayers to contribute has been given to many non-profit organizations whose work in our communities make a real difference similar to the Affordable Housing Alliance,” said Downey. “They deserve this designation and opportunity to receive support in this way.”

Affordable Housing Alliance is a nonprofit tax exempt corporation based in New Jersey whose mission is to provide assistance to those in need of housing and related assistance. In addition to providing affordable housing, the organization manages several utiity assistance programs, and provides couseling and workshops related to home ownership.

Every five years BPU selects the organization that can best distribute and account for the millions in funds provided to NJ residents for utility programs. Over the past seven years the Affordable Housing Alliance has been selected by BPU to be this designated vendor in direct compettion with NJ SHARES.

The bill (A-3891) will be given further consideration by the Assembly Speaker for a floor vote.