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Jasey & Caputo Bill to Establish Two-Generational School Readiness and Workforce Development Pilot Program Clears Committee

Measure to Provide Services for Children and Adults in Same Household

Striving to break families out of the cycle of poverty and foster greater economic self-sufficiency, a bill (A-5827) to provide two-generational academic and job readiness support services for low-income households under a five-year pilot program was approved in the Assembly Education Committee on Monday.

Sponsors of the bill, Assembly Democrats Mila Jasey (D-Essex, Morris) and Ralph Caputo (D-Essex), released the following joint statement:

“With the goal being to coordinate intergenerational delivery of early learning programs, adult education, childcare, housing, job training, health and mental health services, and so much more, this pilot program has tremendous potential to transform social and economic outcomes for countless families in New Jersey. In simultaneously addressing the needs of parents and children, we would have the ability to create a holistic approach that amplifies the impact of services empowering families to move from poverty to opportunity.”

Under the legislation, municipalities with a poverty rate at least twice the statewide average of 10.7 percent would qualify for selection to participate in the pilot program established through the Department of Education.

The bill now goes to the Speaker for further consideration.