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Jasey, Quijano & McKeon Bill to Establish “Paul’s Law” Creating Seizure Safety in Schools Heads to Governor

Looking to make New Jersey public schools seizure safe, a bill (A-6011) providing for school personnel to be trained in seizure first aid and authorizing the creation of individualized seizure action plans for students with epilepsy was unanimously approved 74-0 in the full Assembly and 39-0 in the Senate on Monday.

Sponsors of the bill, Assembly Democrats Mila Jasey (D-Essex, Morris), Annette Quijano (D-Union) and John McKeon (D-Essex, Morris) released the following joint statement:

“It’s vitally important that New Jersey’s schools and teachers are well-equipped with the tools and knowledge to provide safe, enriching learning environments for students with epilepsy.

“In creating the mechanisms for schools to work with parents and guardians alongside nurses, teachers and administrators, children suffering from seizures would be guaranteed the extra support and care they need to see their full potential in the classroom realized.

“We’d like to give special thanks to Paul St. Pierre, who the bill is named for, and Miranda West, a Columbia High School student and National Epilepsy Foundation teen spokesperson, for their continued advocacy and help in ensuring New Jersey schools are safe for all students.”

If enacted, New Jersey would be the fifth state in the country – after Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Texas – to have such a law.

The bill now heads to the Governor’s desk.