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Jimenez Praises Passage of Bill Prohibiting Teens from Using Tanning Beds in NJ

(TRENTON) – Assemblywoman Angelica M. Jimenez (D-Bergen/Hudson) today praised the signage of Democratic legislation that she co-sponsored banning access to tanning beds for anyone under 17 years old in an effort to help protect teens from an increased risk of skin cancer.

“This law puts the health and well-being of our children first. Many teens don’t realize the potential dangers of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Even some adults are unaware of the risks they take when they use tanning beds,” said Jimenez. “The fact is the earlier you start using indoor tanning devices, the greater your risk is for melanoma. I am pleased that this measure is now law, and that teens who may not fully understand the risks associated with these tanning devices or the severity of this terrible disease, will not be allowed to use them.”

The law (A-2142) prohibits anyone under the age of 17 from using tanning beds in New Jersey, regardless of whether they have obtained parental permission. However, the law will allow teens 14 years of age and older to use spray tanning, which does not expose them to UV radiation the way a tanning bed does.

A person 17 years old will be allowed to use a tanning bed, provided that a parent or guardian is present for the initial consultation and purchases all tanning bed sessions for the minor and provides proof of identification. Tanning facilities will be prohibited from allowing anyone 17 years old to use a tanning bed on consecutive days and will be required to monitor the frequency of their use and record all appointments.