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Jimenez Urges Christie to Use the Tools at his Disposal to Save AC or Come to the Table to Forge a New Alternative

Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez (D-Bergen/Hudson) on Thursday called on Gov. Christie to work with both houses of the legislature to help solve the fiscal crisis in Atlantic City.

“It’s unfortunate that Gov. Christie is excluding half of the legislature from this conversation because during a crisis we should not be shutting the door on new ideas. But, if you look at the road that got us here, it’s riddled with confounding decisions on the part of the Governor.

“First he vetoed the bills we sent him, with the changes he specifically requested – bills that would’ve helped Atlantic City avoid the fiscal cliff in the first place.

“He has ignored the fact that he already has a host of tools at his disposal to help Atlantic City.

“Then he disappeared again on the campaign trail, only to come back at the 11th hour and demand that we hand him the right to disenfranchise voters and trample on collective bargaining rights.

“Now he is refusing to sit down at the table with the Assembly to forge a compromise solution.

“I commend Speaker Prieto for standing up for the rights of working class residents when it comes to these important points. I urge the Governor to either use the tools he already has at his disposal or come to the table and forge a new alternative with both houses of the legislature.”