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Questions Plan to Eliminate Bergen County’s Blue Laws

(TRENTON) — Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) released the following statement on Wednesday as the Assembly Budget Committee heard testimony from the state treasurer on Gov. Chris Christie’s proposed budget:

“Gov. Christie’s budget is built on many questionable moves, whether it be tax increases on working class New Jerseyans or his gimmicky plan to raise $65 million by repealing Bergen County’s blue laws.

“It remains unclear how Gov. Christie personally intends to eliminate blue laws long supported by Bergen County residents.

“It also remains unclear how eliminating them could possibly raise $65 million. To do so, shoppers would have to spend $928 million on sales taxable items on Sundays in Bergen County that they wouldn’t otherwise spend anywhere else in New Jersey on any other day.

“That equation seems laughable.

“Unfortunately, the governor’s budget and his broken promises are anything but funny for working class New Jerseyans and senior citizens.”

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