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Johnson & Conaway Bill Seeking to Stimulate State, Commercial Use of Hydrogen Fuel Cells in New Jersey Now Law

(TRENTON) – Seeking to incentivize adoption of equipment powered by hydrogen fuel cells, Governor Phil Murphy signed the measure (A-740) into law today that will require State agencies awarding contracts for the purchase of equipment to consider items powered by fuel cells.

Previously, the law was approved by the full Assembly 74-0-0 and by the Senate 36-0-0.

The measure’s sponsors, Assemblymen Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) and Herb Conaway (D-Burlington), released the following joint statement:

“Fuel cells have great potential and are demonstrating tremendous value as a clean energy source in New Jersey. Fuel cells are a highly efficient and reliable alternative to fossil fuels that challenge our conventional understanding of energy and fuel sources. We are seeing smart businesses across the state embrace fuel cells from a sustainability, cost, and resiliency perspective. By ensuring that State agencies make innovation a priority, this law will stimulate greater use of fuel cells across New Jersey that will benefit both our economy and the environment.”